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Agile20Reflect Mini Festival #4 with Neil Walker and Roy Marriott

February 25 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm GMT

Virtual Event

Agile Xpertise are pleased to present to you our 4th Mini Festival event of February, dedicated to celebrating Agile and 20 Years of the Manifesto.


Agenda for Mini Festival #3:
6:00pm – ⌚ Arrivals and pre-networking

6:05pm – 🎤 “The future is now – enter the age of Agility” talk by: Neil Walker

7:45pm – Q&A

7:00pm – 🎤 “Communicating the Agile Mindset through Coaching” talk by Roy Marriott

7:40pm – Q&A

7:55pm – Wrap-up

8:00 – End 🛏️


About the talk by Neil Walker
Agile began first as a better means to run a small team, later numerous networked teams. More recently, Agile has established itself as an enhanced way of running entire organisations. The upshot of this evolution, Agile has enabled Agility.
Agility is a worthy aspiration. As we face an increasingly unpredictable, uncertain, and urgent world, such ambiguity wreaks havoc. Leaders find themselves on an economic roller coaster, being hurled around on an incessant fast-moving change and disruption ride. One that will certainly not end where it started.
No longer can leaders stay in their seats until the ride is over. Such apathetic action is prone to result in an epic crash; for everyone riding along with the leader. Does Agile enabled Agility look like the rescuer. Probably, as long as it is not left to the last second. That very idea may strike fear into the heart of even the most extreme laggard.
We have a lot riding on Agile enabled Agility. Thankfully, the very concept of Agile has evolved since 2001. Over the course of this interactive session, we’ll embark on a thrill-seeking Agility ride. Hopefully one that won’t have you feeling like you’re somersaulting out of your seat.

About the Speaker:
Neil is an Agile leadership coach, trainer, and consultant. An early Agile advocate, starting his Agile journey in 1992, resulting in 3 decades of hands-on Agile delivery, advisory, and coaching experience. He’s applied a range of Lean-Agile practices and complementing competencies to transform organisations, working across a variety of industries (including finance, government, services, retail, logistics). From 2001, he began experimenting with using Agile practices and principles beyond software and product development, extending this further in 2005, when he led and facilitated an inaugural “Business Agility” transformation with a global System Integrator and consulting firm. Today, he is a Senior Partner with Catalyst Consulting, a 25-year old boutique Lean-Agile consulting firm. Co-founder and Vice President of the UK chapter of the Business Agility Institute. Furthermore, a volunteer Agile transformation coach with UK charity, RNLI.


About the talk by Roy Marriott
We can coach in different ways, and some ways are better than others at communicating the Agile mindset. In this workshop we’ll look at a “Solution Focused” coaching approach that fits beautifully with the Agile Manifesto values and principles. We’ll explore what it is, how it fits with Agile, how it communicates the Agile Mindset – and most importantly, experience it in action

About the Speaker:
Roy Marriott is an Agile Leadership Coach based in the UK. He helps leaders and team deliver better results more quickly, in ways that are more enjoyable and more engaging. Roy started coaching professionally in 1993, and has been training leaders, managers and coaches since 2005. He has developed a number of coaching models that are in use around the world, focused on applications such as Change without Resistance, Feedback, Psychological Safety, Negotiation, Delegation, Time Mastery and Resilience. Roy has coached and trained leaders and coaches from organisations such as ARM, Bain Consulting, Bupa, Cambridge University, DisplayLink, European Space Agency, European Patent Office, IdeaGen, Microsoft, NHS, Nestle, National Australia Bank, VW and many more.


February 25
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm GMT
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