The World Festival Ambassador Network

Our goals for creating the World Ambassador Network are to:

  • Create participation and in the festival from across the regions of the world, countries and areas of countries,

  • Find new stories, new ideas, new voices and bring them to the Festival Programme,

  • Have devolved decision and support making down to the lowest local level,

  • Promote vibrant, diverse, and inclusive festival with local events on the programme in local languages,

  • Be global network - finding and supporting local events, the country and regional,

  • be local people finding and involving local organisations and group to easily get involved with the festival,

  • Inspiring people around the work by being the Face of the Festival in your world area, country country region or City.

Imagine - This amazing network of Ambassadors collaborating with each other to create an amazing event. Local envoys networking with local meet-ups, communities of practice, organisations and individuals around the world to make this a truly global festival. Creating friendships, building bridges, problem solving and helping people. - the vision of the Festival Trustees.

Apply below - This festival will not happen with out people like you!

Become an Envoy for the biggest worldwide festival

celebrating the 20th anniversary of Agile Manifesto!

Here is an opportunity to:

Join a global movement

Work and connect with world class agile professionals

Network and help create a global Event that connects the world!

Agile 20 Reflect Festival is a gathering of professionals, coaches and mentors

regardless which framework or methodology they use, this is a month long event,

coming up in February of 2021. It is an event where we reflect on 20 years of the

Agile Manifesto.

We will look at: History, where we were, Present, where we are now and Future, what the future holds for Agile, most importantly how do we keep Agile relevant.

Come and join the Agile20Reflect Festival community of volunteers, drawing

management professionals from all sectors of for-profit and nonprofit

organisations. We have grown astronomically in the short period of our existence.

We are a community of self-organising, highly motivated and driven workforce

who are moving at an unprecedented pace to stage the first ever Agile 20 Reflect


This is an opportunity for you to make your contribution to rejuvenate the Agile


As an envoy you will have the opportunity to highlight the wealth of talent in your region, amplify

local voices and join in the world-wide celebrations.

build and grow your network by bringing the celebrations to your part of the world!

It will be your job to spread the word, and help shape your local events.

Reflect Festival as far and wide as is possible, come join us and be part of the celebrations.

Find detailed description of individual Envoy roles at

Applications are being processed on a first come, first served basis, if you are

passionate and want to shine at a higher level! Apply Here

Continents/World Regions/Countries/Envoys
World Envoy - Role Description
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