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ASK ME ANYTHING about Invitation-Based Change™ and the 8 Patterns of Open Business Agility™

February 12 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST

Virtual Event

We are planning to show you new and better approaches to the job of org-level change and answer all your questions on how INVITATIONS are superior to business-as-usual forcing, mandating and delegation. We’re gonna show you how to improve your part of the wider puzzle with these tools, AND THEN how to influence the entire organization in a profoundly positive way.

Commitments: To participate successfully in this event, it is advised that you watch this 2-minute video ahead of attendance:

Nuance Corp Executive with 900 People Worldwide Explains the Power and Advantages of Leading with Open Patterns and Open Space Technology: EXECUTIVES AND OPEN SPACE LEADERSHIP:


The Agile industry is odd. Isn’t it? The most prominent voices really don’t warn against forcing it. This amounts to the approval of forcing.

Forcing reduces engagement & engagement is essential. Forcing doesn’t actually WORK.
Forcing has become an issue, as more & more of it has occurred in the largest orgs who spend the most on Agile services.

So: that is the “why” of the Open patterns.

Now the reality is that Leadership Invitation is the *primary* Open pattern; all the others patterns listed provide support.

And it isn’t “all or nothing.” We advocate for mixing in *some* invitations with those delegations. Why?

Because the best talent, that can & will champion the change….they will *vacate* if they do not have enough autonomy. And that’s a DISASTER.

So, summing up:
1. The influencers in the Agile industry are OK with “Push.” And the results are in: “Push” does not actually work (but it does sell a lot of consulting & training.)
2. The invited approach has a much higher rate of success
3. The invited approach isn’t simple & requires the following support:

Clarity of Authorization
Interaction Protocols
Empirical Approach
Whole-Group Process
Common Knowledge
Boundary Management
Explicit Agreement

See you there !


February 12
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST
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Daniel Mezick
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Northern Africa
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